CLIO for Incident Management

It is crucial to respond quickly and efficiently to any incident to prevent that incident turning into a full blown crisis. By invoking your planned and detailed response immediately it can help ensure that the incident doesn't escalate into a crisis that can have a detrimental effect on your organisation.

CLIO can be used for managing both critical incidents as well as day-to-day incidents. By applying an automated policy driven response the best team for the job can work together to manage and minimise the impact of the incident.

Incident Management

Day-to-day incidents could include:

  • Workplace incidents
  • Normal employee duty-of-care
  • IT incidents
  • Project planning
  • Minor security issues
  • Social events and Corporate functions
Incident Management

Critical incidents could include:

  • Severe weather, natural disasters
  • Terror, malevolence
  • Major accidents
  • Civil disorder or protest
  • Brand or reputation threats
  • Extreme threats to employees

CLIO is a dynamic but flexible software solution that meets the requirements of any size company. It will allow you to implement a set of planned responses to any type of incident and imposes a structured, policy driven reaction when an incident occurs.

While it is essential to manage critical and major incidents to prevent them escalating into a crisis, CLIO can also be used to manage every day incidents. Whether these are IT related incidents, minor security concerns or day to day employee duty of care matters, CLIO can be used to manage them. The benefit of this is that you can ensure a fully managed and consistent response across all incidents. It also means you have a log of how every incident was managed and this can be reviewed to improve ongoing and future responses while also giving both your company and executive management a record of all ad every action that took place.

CLIO is available as both an on-premise solution for you to implement and manage yourselves or can also be delivered as Software-as-a-Service so you can concentrate on managing your business.