CLIO for Employee Protection

Employee Protection

Every company is legally obliged to provide duty of care to their employees. This can take many forms.

At one extreme, some companies may have employees who need to work in hostile parts of the world where kidnapping or hostage taking is an ever present threat or where there is a very real threat to life.

Many companies need to be aware of Global issues and threats to their employees when it comes to travel arrangements and protecting them while they are away on business.

Most companies need to have plans in place to deal with the many issues and incidents that may arise which could cause a risk of injury, or worse, to employees from severe weather events, natural disasters, fires, civil disorder and so on.

All companies need to respond to any event that affects their employees however minor as it can escalate in seriousness or have later implications for your company if you have been shown to have responded poorly or ineffectively.

There is also an increasing regulatory factor to be considered. Companies and the executive management of a company is ultimately responsible for the duty of care of employees. If an employee should lose their life while at work, wherever that work may take them, the company and the most senior executive is deemed responsible. If it is proven that ineffective employee protection was responsible then a Corporate Manslaughter case can be brought against the company and the MD or CEO.

Employee Protection

While this law has been in place for several years in a number of countries, recent years has seen a number of successful prosecutions in the United Kingdom and the imposition of both heavy fines for the company and prison sentences for the executive in charge of the company.

Using CLIO as the tool to manage your duty of care for all employee events, issues and incidents will mean that:

  • The correct people and departments are involved for each different response
  • The best course of action is taken
  • All actions are assigned to the right people
  • Senior executives remain fully briefed and up to date on events
  • All actions and communications are recorded and securely stored
  • You can produce records for later investigation
  • You can exercise, test and continually develop response plans

CLIO ensures that all incidents are responded to both timely and properly and will prevent escalation. It will also impose a layer of protection for your company and senior executives in the face of any subsequent litigation.