CLIO for Cyber/Security Attack

Cyber/Security Attack

The world of business is well aware of the increasing threat from cyber attacks. The number of incidents has grown year on year and has seen an explosion on growth in the last two years. The attacks take many forms but all can seriously damage an organisations ability to continue doing business, can effect revenue and have a lasting, if not fatal, impact on reputation.

It is one of the top priorities for both commercial companies and governments. For example, the UK government identified cyber security as a Tier 1 threat in the National Security Strategy as long ago as 2010, alongside Terrorism, War and Natural Disasters.

However, while organisations invest heavily in security solutions to deter, detect and try to prevent cyber attacks, the reality is that the likelihood of being attacked in some way is certain and that the chance of actually being breached is very, very high.

Therefore, it is also important to plan for the aftermath of an attack or breach. Surprisingly, many organisations only focus on the cyber defence and not on dealing with the potential crisis an attack or breach can generate.

CLIO is the perfect tool to accompany your security solution portfolio. Once a major attack is detected and your IT Security team work to analyse the extent of what has happened, your incident management team can be invoked via CLIO to assess the wider implication and scope of what the attack.

This means having to ascertain:

  • Whether your customers have been affected, both directly and indirectly
  • If financial data has been stolen or tainted
  • Whether confidential company information has been accessed
  • If your service or production capability has been impacted
  • Is there any damage to your IT and IS infrastructure
  • The implications on your supply chain and commercial partners
  • What your Public Relations and Media departments need to react to

All these and other areas need to be managed, but you also need to create and secure a record of your response to protect your organisation against possible future litigation and also to meet the demand of increasing regulatory controls.

CLIO allows you to execute a fully managed policy driven response, but will also future audits to show who knew what and when as well as what action was taken. This audit trail is also incorruptible and evidential should legal action arise.

Such functions are vital to protect both your organisation and your senior executives' reputation.

While cyber attacks will always happen, it is how you as an organisation respond, not just technically, but also publically that will make or break your reputation and even survival.