Providing the following solutions:

Badger Software supplies a wide range of products and services, helping to address a variety of issues - from successfully managing events, incidents, threats and crises to providing audited records of compliance and Risk Mitigation. A sample of these are listed below:

Law Enforcement
CLIO is used by police and other emergency services to plan for and manage a wide variety of critical Incidents, event planning and Civil Resilience as well as being extensively used for crimes in action and other law enforcement operations.

Crisis Management
If an incident escalates into a crisis, organisations need to respond with Speed, Efficiency and Cohesion. Having a plan is only the first step. You then need to execute the plan through a system that provides real-time collaboration and communications as well as securely logging all activity.

Incident Management
It is crucial to respond quickly and efficiently to any incident to prevent that incident turning into a full blown crisis. By invoking your planned and detailed response immediately it can help ensure that the incident doesn't escalate into a crisis that can have a detrimental effect on your organisation.

Employee Protection
Every company is legally obliged to provide duty of care to their employees.
All companies need to respond to any event that affects their employees however minor as it can escalate in seriousness or have later implications for your company if you have been shown to have responded poorly or ineffectively.

Threat Management
Threats to companies can take many forms. Some are clearly major threats that endanger lives, safety or business as usual. Others may seem minor but have the scope to grow and escalate until they become a major crisis that can cause severe it not fatal implications for your company.

Cyber/Security Attacks
The number of cyber attack incidents has grown dramatically in recent years.
However, while organisations invest heavily in trying to deter or defend against cyber attacks, there is often little or no focus on planning for the aftermath of an attack or breach and dealing with the potential crisis it can generate.

Reputation Protection
Dealing with a critical incident or crisis and managing it to conclusion is only one part of a successful response. How your company is seen to have responded to the incident is also a key factor and can make the difference between emerging with your reputation enhanced or damaged beyond repair.

Compliance, Regulatory Control
With ever increasing growth in new Regulations and areas of Compliance, companies need to implement policies to ensure adherence.
However, it isimportant not only to measure how adherence is being met, but also how the organisation responds if a contravention is discovered.

Business Continuity
All organisations should have a proven resilience plan to ensure that business can continue as normal or at least recover to a reasonable level of operations.
However, Business Continuity must look at more than just resilience for IT systems, it must also encompass the end-to-end organisational resilience needed to deal with any type of threat that may affect the business.

Insurance Risk Mitigation Measures Management
The Insurance industry is facing a considerable increase in claims and dealing with these has become much more complex and challenging.
Therefore, there is a growing interest in how Risk Mitigation Measures (RMM) can help people and organisations adjust behaviour and deploy new practices that avoid incidents in the first place.