Badger Software offer a comprehensive programme of training and consultancy to new and existing organisations using our software. Using only the highest calibre of trainers, often drawn from experienced and highly trained practitioners, you can be sure that our training is not only value for money but extremely effective.

Bespoke Training & Consultancy
As well as our standard packages, we regularly tailor courses to suit our customers specific training needs. Our Training Team work with them to identify their specific requirement then mould a training course around those requirements.

CLIO Critical Incident Management training
Although easy to use it is important to have trained users for your CLIO solution to maximise both its cost and operational effectiveness when planning or managing a critical incident. It is therefore important to invest in a proper training and consultancy programme not only to help you train your users but to ensure you get the most out of the software and tailor it to fit your business or tailor your practices to take advantage of the facilities that the system can offer you. The training team at Badger Software are very experienced in helping organisations adopt the system, reviewing their practices and you will see massive benefits as a result.

This need not be a time consuming process, abstracting staff from work for long training courses - we are happy to come to you and tailor a package to quickly delver the results you need. We can take the burden of training and developing working practices from your shoulders and give you the benefit of our trainers' many years of experience, often based on years of using the software as a practitioner, before joining Badger.

From 1 day courses for users or administrators, the running of scenario based exercises, which are tailored to your business, to Train the Trainer/CLIO Mastery courses.

Scenario based Exercises
The Badger Software Training Team can attend and either run or assist you in running a realistic scenario based exercise to understand better both the demands of such a scenario but also test and review your teams response and provide learning to develop your staff and procedures - to be better prepared for whatever may come your way. Testing is often conducted in the real location where you might base your staff to respond to such an incident, to add a greater sense of realism.

Our wide variety of scenarios can be tailored to meet your specific requirements and is aimed at developing the skills of CLIO users and demonstrating, through a situation which is relevant to you, how CLIO can help and how best to use it in an operational environment.

Train the Trainer Courses
As part of a drive towards Quality Control over training delivered for CLIO, we have been asked to provide 'Train the Trainer' courses and certification to bring CLIO into line with other IT systems and ensure a consistent level of training is provided internally for large organisations.

Certification is based on an ongoing assessment of how an attendee performs on the course and during a training session they will deliver - which will be assessed by our trainer.

It is our strong recommendation that all organisations should ensure their CLIO trainers attend this course to secure certification. This will ensure a high level of quality for all CLIO training, ensure that best practices and common standards are maintained and most importantly, ensure that you get the most out of the products powerful features.