Software Development

Custom Application Development
After our products, Badger Software's core business has always been the design, development and delivery of custom applications for a wide range of private and public sector clients. This covers the full development lifecycle, from initial requirements analysis through functional specification, architecture and design, application development, testing and implementation.

Our consultants are highly skilled technically and will recommend the technology that best fits the solution and budget but also have real-world business experience and so our focus is always on the most effective solution for the task at hand.

We provide both browser based and "smart client" solutions, typically developed using Microsoft .NET technologies.

Please see our clients page for information on some of our previous projects.

Business Analysis and Database Design
Our main development platform for database development is Microsoft SQL Server. We have many years of experience with database design, which means that we know how to fine-tune the design to ensure optimum performance. We can also assist you with migration of data from other application platforms.
Information Worker Portals

Windows SharePoint Services and SharePoint Portal Server both provide efficient, cost-effective ways to share information across both ad-hoc workgroups and the entire enterprise. Badger Software can help you to make best use of these products, allowing your employees to work more efficiently on shared documents and data, and providing a single access point for organisation-wide information.

Providing corporate information and data through a single "portal" view also lends itself well to reporting and analysis data, as it gives information workers and executives a single access point for performance data, typically in "dashboard" format with the option to drill down to detail data. We provide our own generic portal which can leveredge this information for your entire organisation in a fast, easy to use and cost effective fashion. Contact us for more information.

Mobile Applications
We have been a member of the Microsoft "Mobile Solutions Partner" programme since very early on and are using the .NET Compact Framework and Mobile Internet Toolkit to develop applications which run on PocketPC and Windows CE devices and communicate with application and database servers over wireless connections.

Badger Software developed Figleaves' Global Logistics Management software using Casio IT-500 CE.Net devices for many of the warehouse tasks such as inventory management and order picking. Click here for more information on this project.

Business Intelligence Solutions
Companies often have access to lots of data generated by their core business systems, but cannot easily turn this data into information. We can help you unlock this data using the Analysis Services and Reporting Services of Microsoft SQL Server.

Many users of every-day tools such as Microsoft Excel are unaware of the extra analytical power available once they create Pivot Tables and Charts connected to data stored in SQL Server Analysis Services cubes. Badger Software can provide consultancy and implementation services for your reporting analysis needs, including extracting and transforming data from other systems, development of client solutions, and best-practice advice on deploying the application.