CLIO for Law Enforcement - Operations

CLIO is an extremely versatile management system used by police and other emergency services to plan for and manage a wide variety of critical Incidents, event planning and Civil Resilience as well as being extensively used for crimes in action and other law enforcement operations.

The police service has a constant need to effectively plan and manage a whole range of events and pre planned operations. To ensure that such occasions are properly managed, it is crucial to have a reliable and proven process and also to provide an auditable record of decisions made and the circumstances as they unfold.

Forces need to plan for and respond to major disruption caused by marches and demonstrations. These create threats to people and property and cause major problems to local infrastructure.

Policing of sporting events, such as professional football matches requires that forces from different regions collaborate effectively and crowds are managed to avoid disruption or violence.

Serious road, rail and air crashes cause major problems for the police, not only in dealing with the dead and injured, identification of witnesses and scene preservation but also in the management of the media and public who can be expected to turn up at any scene. These events often result in a significant impact over a wide area, affecting local communities, and require a well coordinated and organised response from the emergency services.

Police Accident

In recent years, natural disasters and severe weather such as flooding and snow have caused massive levels of disruption to local services, transport networks and even resulted in evacuations of entire areas in the UK. The 'joined-up' coordination of allocating and deploying resources and effective management of any rescue efforts is hugely important.

Police Operations

Operations can encompass:

  • Managing Public Order incidents
  • Responding to natural disasters severe weather/flooding/fires
  • Planning and management for carnivals/concerts and sporting events
  • Royal/VIP and State visits
  • Missing Person Search coordination
  • Investigation of Fatal Road Traffic Collisions
  • Disaster Victim Identification
  • Air Accident Response Coordination
  • Management of CBRN Incidents and exercises

CLIO can be used to coordinate the response to any real time incident that occurs or be used to plan and subsequently manage any type of event or pre planned operation no matter how large or small.