CLIO for Law Enforcement - Crime

CLIO is an extremely versatile management system used by police and other law enforcement agencies for managing critical Incidents, crimes in action and slow time investigations as well as being extensively used for event planning and Civil Resilience.

The police response to a crime in action is always the subject of scrutiny and the need to show that the operation was professionally and efficiently undertaken is imperative as these crimes often involve a threat to life.

The investigation of a fast time crime in action requires a reliable and proven process and also an auditable record of decisions made and the circumstances as they unfold. There needs to be a robust means of Communication, Collaboration and Co-ordination between all the various parties - together they will be the cornerstone of any successful operation.

It is equally important in any well managed operation for all authorised parties to share relevant information whether they are inter-force, inter-agency, regional or international colleagues thereby ensuring everyone is aware of the latest information and direction of the investigation - which will enable the operation to run efficiently and effectively and be properly managed.

Police Crime

These facets are never more important than for real-time incidents, in response to Crimes in Action and often related to Threats to Life, Organised Crime or Terrorism - where it is essential that all of this happens quickly and efficiently, ensuring that no team member is unaware of or waiting for information that is known to the investigation. Decisions need to be made quickly and with accurate and up to date information and strategy needs to be broadcast to the team clearly for them to act.

The Police and the public are only too aware of (sometimes high profile) incidents where the communication, decision making and co-ordination has caused significant problems in the past and many of those managing such incidents now rely on CLIO to help avoid similar pitfalls in the future.

These requirements also relate to managing other major crime investigations, which are less fast paced, such as child sexual exploitation and counter corruption where a similar incorruptible audit trail of events as they occurred can be easily viewed.

Incidents can encompass:

  • Counter Terrorism Incidents
  • Drug and People trafficking
  • Kidnap and Extortion
  • Siege
  • Product Contamination and Product Recall
  • Manhunts
  • Coordinated Raids and Arrests

  • Child Sexual Exploitation
  • Serious Sexual Offences
  • Witness Protection
  • Managing Firearms Incidents
  • Counter Corruption and Professional Standards Investigations
Police Crest

Being able to launch a well co-ordinated and managed response to any criminal investigation is key to a successful operation and provides a full incorruptible audit trail of all information, messages, actions and decisions that are recorded and which can be relied upon in any future legal proceedings.