Local Authorities

Emergency Planning Officers are recognising the need for a more professional approach to managing their own organisation's response to a critical incident and CLIO offers the means of co-ordinating that response, while also providing the functionality for project and event management, ensuring that you have a system that can be effectively used daily for a range of 'business as usual' activities.

CLIO is a computer system for all aspects of incident management and planning - has a proven track record with many law enforcement, emergency services and local resilience customers.

Currently used for emergency planning and managing multi-agency incidents in large cities, such as London, Glasgow and Manchester and also in rural areas.

It has been used for multi-agency co-ordination of large-scale events, such the 2012 London Olympics, the 2014 Commonwealth Games, the English section of the 2014 Tour de France and the 2015 Tour de Yorkshire.

These events can be affected by transport issues, crowd problems or even malicious threats such as terrorism. In light of recent events worldwide, it is imperitive to have contingencies in place to safeguard the public, staff and venue.

Olympic Stadium

CLIO has been used for over 15 years by UK Police and law enforcement agencies as a national tool for managing Critical Incidents, Crimes in Action and Counter Terrorism.

It provides a centralised mechanism to resolve many of the problems with Communication, Collaboration and Co-ordination of activity, which are the cornerstone of successful incident planning and management.

Local Authorities

Incidents can encompass:

  • National & Regional events
  • Natural disasters
  • Marches & demonstrations
  • Major Festivals
  • Carnivals and parades
  • Sporting events

  • Malicious intent
  • Royal and VIP visits
  • Cyber attack
  • Counter Terrorism incidents
  • Managing Vulnerable residents
  • Collaboration on LRF incidents