Any educational establishment needs to implement and maintain a high level of Duty of Care.
Universities, Colleges and Schools all have responsibility for ensuring the safety and welfare of the young in their charge.

In the face of threats to pupils or students the organisation needs to respond immediately, it also needs to ensure that the right people are involved and they can communicate in real-time and that information is shared.

Potential incidents or emergencies faced can range from life threatening such as kidnap and terrorist action; through industrial disputes and protests; to vandalism and minor accidents. In all cases, the response has to be thorough, adhere to defined policies and allow a flexible and dynamic process.

CLIO allows you to respond immediately to any incident and ensure the right team are assembled and able to collaborate on dynamically managing the incident and taking the correct actions as the incident develops.

CLIO delivers all the functions required to manage any level of incident, these include:

  • Role based participation to ensure intelligent communication and continuity of responsibility
  • Workflow based activity to enable intuitive and effective management
  • Real-time environment to allow instant visibility of the incident life cycle
  • User access from Anywhere, at Anytime, by Anyone (if authorised) and Anyhow by any device
  • Ability to plan, test, run exercises and review all incidents
  • Full audit trail. This is incorruptible so allows you to find out who knew what and when and is also evidential if required.

By using CLIO you can ensure that your team is invoked and engaged immediately and begin to manage the incident.CLIO is a proven solution used by UK Police Forces for managing major incidents and operations. This allows a level of continuity in managing incidents impossible without CLIO