Providing solutions to the following sectors:

Badger Software supplies a wide range of products and services, across a variety of sectors. In addition to which, all of our core products can be tailored to suit any industry through the use of inbuilt customisations, templates, automation features or even bespoke modification.

Our critital incident and crisis management software solution - CLIO - can be used across all verticals to successfully manage events, incidents, threats and crises. A sample of these are listed below:

Police Crime
Being able to launch a well co-ordinated and managed response to any criminal investigation is key to a successful operation and provides a full incorruptible audit trail of all information, messages, actions and decisions that are recorded and which can be relied upon in any future legal proceedings.

Police Operations
In recent years, natural disasters and severe weather have caused massive levels of disruption to local services, transport networks and even resulted in evacuations of entire areas in the UK. The 'joined-up' coordination of allocating and deploying resources and effective management of any rescue efforts is hugely important.

Local Authorities
Emergency Planning Officers are recognising the need for a more professional approach to managing their own organisation's response to a critical incidents.
CLIO offers the means of co-ordinating that response, while also helping to co-ordinate 'business as usual' activities such as project and event management.

Health Services
Organisations need to plan for and respond to disruption caused by major disasters or any other critical incident. These create threats to the welfare of patients and the efficient management of hospitals and a massive drain on the resources of the ambulance service and their ability to respond effectively.

Schools, colleges and universities have an acute responsibility for Duty of Care to protect and care for the young and vulnerable in education exacerbated by the rise in violent incidents targeting places of education. Having a proper plan and strategy to deal with potential incidents is no longer desirable - it has become essential.

Responding to critical incidents and maintaining Business Continuity is a core requirement for Electricity, Gas and Water Utilities. CLIO incident and crisis management software provides a platform that allows you to Plan, Protect and Respond to incidents and threats of all kinds.

Transport & Travel
Companies need to run complex transport networks, be responsible for passenger care, manage extensive maintenance programs, be aware of terror related or malicious intent and avoid causing major catastrophic accidents impacting on both people and the environment.

Financial Services
Across the industry there are a number of different areas that have to face possible incidents, issues, threats and crises on a daily basis. All can have a major impact onan organisation and potentially create much more serious implications for the industry via a knock-on effect as well as for both local economies and further afield.

Oil & Gas
The Exploration, Extraction, transportation and refinment of oil and gas involves working in hostile and dangerous environments, utilising some of the most advanced and varied technology in The World. This means that companies face a multitude of possible incidents across many areas.