Keyport™ is an Information Portal, providing a gateway to key management data, metrics and performance information without the need to trawl through various disparate systems to find that information. Many organisations find it difficult to make sure that the data that they produce reaches the right people in other departments. This data can be very valuable in all sorts of areas.

For example, the sales and marketing departments will be interested in customer feedback on new product launches, availability or promotions; manufacturing departments will be keen on the key issues of the moment, particularly where product quality is concerned. In addition, there is often a need for departments connected to Consumer Care to have more limited access to case records, perhaps to provide feedback on a specific issue, add notes, or review issues affecting the business.

The Keyport information portal will address all of these needs through an easy to use web-based interface, allowing you to unlock the power of your data. The home page provides a dynamic, easily digestible dashboard view of the key organisational issues of the moment, as well as key performance indicators and trend data.

"Information is presented to the user starting at a top level "key issues" page and from here they can drill down to the level of detail needed for their own purposes. There are no complex commands to use and anyone already capable of accessing a web page can be up and running in minutes."
Alan Rutherford, Consumer Services Manager, United Biscuits

Keyport includes a really easy to use, but at the same time extremely powerful charting utility, leveraging the power of Microsoft Analysis Services this can be set up to automatically generate statistical data and allow you to slice or analyse it in any way - producing all of the management charts which used to take days to update every month, in a way that managers can access at the push of a button, or customise to view the data from a different perspective.

Keyport includes an area for storing and sharing management reports and integrates seamlessly within Microsoft Sharepoint. In fact you can incorporate the various 'web parts' of the portal within your corporate implementation of Sharepoint, giving users a truly joined up experience. They will not realise that keyport is even there - it will just be part of the corporate system.

The Keyport portal can also be used as a standalone product for easy deployment to users, who only require Microsoft Internet Explorer to connect and view the information gathered from many other systems - without needing access to those systems themselves. All of the information on display is highly customisable, and can be configured for different types of user.