CLIO Planner

CLIO Planner is an IT-based Business Continuity planning system that allows you to understand the risks associated with your business, conduct risk assessment and BIA and then create, test and review response plans.

CLIO Planner is highly intuitive, requires a minimum of familiarisation, training and practice and can easily be tailored to suit the needs of any business. It is also simple to modify, adapt or expand.

All plans created in CLIO Planner can, if required, be quickly activated through the CLIO Manager crisis management system.

Minimises effort, maximizes the result
CLIO Planner is designed to run with the minimum of manpower and at low operating and maintenance costs. It assists you in setting up and collecting information from facilities, locations, business processes, departments and stakeholders and then helps to collate, prioritise and manage this data.

You remain in control
The system is designed so that it can easily be tailored to suit the needs of any business allowing the user to maintain full control and it is simple to adapt or expand as requirements change.

Business Explorer tree view
Your organisation structure and continuity planning is represented graphically, with colour highlighting of processes, risks and plans.

Status Dashboard
Key performance indicators are shown graphically and with the ability to drill through directly to the Business Explorer for efficient attention to problem areas.

Plan Test scheduling
The system prompts you for plan exercising and testing based on your organisation's scheduling requirements.

Remedial Actions
Assign actions to individuals to manage preparatory and remedial workflows related to your continuity planning and testing.

Resource Library
Build your own document depository to store key company documents about your business continuity strategy and planning.

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