Water Authorities

Responding to critical incidents and maintaining Business Continuity is a core requirement for Electricity, Gas and Water Utilities. CLIO incident and crisis management software provides a platform that allows you to Plan, Protect and Respond to incidents and threats of all kinds.

Incidents can encompass:

  • Bad weather
  • Accidents
  • Technology failures
  • Direct threats from nature, people & security breaches
  • Malicious intent
  • Regulation contravention
  • Cyber attack
Water Authorities

Being able to launch a planned, co-ordinated and managed response to any incident is key to preventing a full blown crisis and for protecting the company reputation and to ensure business faces minimal disruption.

in addition, to the many physical threats faced, the Utilities industry has now entered the Top 5 industries targeted by cyber attacks.


Water Authorities

Water suppliers face the same kind of issues but following an incident that disrupts their pipeline network or treatment facilities have a responsibility for maintaining:

  • A supply of clean water
  • Removal and disposal of sanitary waste and storm water
  • Prevention of disease

This may be for ensuring the response was as effective as it should have been, it could be for training purposes, or in some cases for response to possible litigation or Regulator intervention.

Regulation is stringent and new standards such as ISO 11830 are being introduced to enforce this.

A Managed Response

All incidents need an organised and planned response to prevent them turning into a crisis.

CLIO allows you to respond immediately to any incident and ensure the right team are assembled and able to collaborate on dynamically managing the incident and taking the correct actions as the incident develops.

CLIO delivers all the functions required to manage any level of incident. These include:

  • Role based participation to ensure intelligent communication and continuity of responsibility
  • Workflow based activity to enable intuitive and effective management
  • Real-time environment to allow instant visibility of the incident life cycle
  • User access from Anywhere, at Anytime, by Anyone (if authorised) and Anyhow by any device
  • Ability to plan, test, run exercises and review all incidents
  • Full audit trail. This is incorruptible so allows you to find out who knew what and when and is also evidential if required.