Walkers Shortbread

Walkers Shortbread

SmartResponse™ is our full featured software solution for consumer services departments, developed following a detailed investigation into what our target audience was looking for in a software package.

We have delivered SmartResponse™ solutions to a number of well known names in the food industry, including Dairy Crest, United Biscuits, Walkers Shortbread, Green and Black's and several Danone Group companies.

SmartResponse™ provides all of the functionality needed to manage the day to day operation of a consumer care department, including:

• Logging and tracking of consumer contacts (enquiries, complaints etc)
• Generation of personalised responses via letter or email, using a flexible document manager
• Postcode address lookup and flagging
• Comprehensive query, reporting and analysis tools
• Customisable alerts
• A friendly and intuitive user interface

"SmartResponse™ itself has proved itself to be a real winner for us. Not only is it easier on the eye, it is slicker than our previous system at the front end, delivering a clear productivity bonus. As a consequence, we have been able to absorb a 20% increase in workload, without increasing headcount."

"Processing consumer contacts has never been easier and the Case Wizard, which takes you through a seven-step contact processing routine, is an absolute delight when training new or temporary staff. A great team and a great product - top marks."
Alan Rutherford, Consumer Services Manager, United Biscuits

For more information, click here to see our dedicated SmartResponse™ web site, or call us on +44 (0)118 946 4488 and we can tell you more.