Vision Management Systems

Vision Management Systems

Vision Management Systems (VMS) is a performance management tool for collecting and measuring customer satisfaction in Housing Associations and Housing Boards.

It uses a short questionnaire to capture customer satisfaction levels and uses this information to improve services.

The customers selected are those who have recently used the service and respondents are asked to rate our performance in key areas. Each response generates a series of scores to reflect satisfaction with our services and a cumulative rating is awarded to reflect respondent perceptions of organisational performance.

VMS creates rectification notices and information notices which are sent to Directors and Service Managers for action and response.

The rectification notices are as a result of feedback from customers where further action is needed whereas the information notices are a result of positive feedback and compliments to allow managers to congratulate staff and celebrate success.

The results are analysed and a detailed report is produced, which can then be used to benchmark against each service area and also participating VMS organisations.

"The introduction of Vision Management Systems (VMS) software has enabled a standardisation in gathering satisfaction data and a means of addressing areas that are identified by customers as needing to be improved. The Audit Commission endorsed their approach during the recent inspection." South Tyneside Council Performance Review