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Working abroad and Employer's duty of care

Sunday 10th May 2015

There have always been security threats to be considered when travelling or working abroad. In the past, the type and degree of threat could, to a certain extent, be pre-determined with little or minimal research. However, in recent years, areas of political unrest, terrorist activity and growing sophistication and boldness of criminal groups have meant an increase. Criminal groups now operate in areas previously considered low risk. These activities have resulted in bombings, shootings, kidnaps, hostage taking and violent robbery / mugging, especially against western and/or western-associated personnel and organisations. Kidnapping of company employees is a very real risk and generates millions a year in ransom payments. The UK government policy is not to pay ransoms. Employers should seriously consider specialist…

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Effective Management in a Crisis

Thursday 1st January 2015

Any crisis has the potential not only to seriously disrupt or affect business continuity but also poses a significant threat to the organisation's reputation, both with customers and within their field of business. A poorly handled crisis will no doubt attract considerable adverse media attention and could even jeopardise the safety of individuals, either staff or, in the case of product contamination, members of the public. The role of a Crisis Management Team (CMT) is to coordinate the response to the crisis and, where appropriate, provide liaison with the police investigation. Depending upon the nature and magnitude of the incident, a tiered response by the company or organisation may be appropriate and it is important that appropriate representatives are involved at each…

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Are you prepared for the challenges of the Olympics?

Tuesday 13th March 2012

During the Olympic Games 2012, the number of people in London alone is expected to rise by approximately 2 million people at any one time. UK wide, there will be a huge effect on business; there will be major disruptions to public transport, increased threats to security, road closures, terrorism fears and reduced mobile phone reception. Companies are putting alot of effort into business continuity and safety of their data-centres, but how will you keep track of key staff, manage disruption to your business, respond to security threats and make sure your business can cope with whatever fate throws your way? Leading experts in Critical Incident Management at Badger Software are happy to come and speak with you and can offer a…

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