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South East Coast Ambulance go live with CLIO

Wednesday 23rd January 2019

We have received some really positive feedback from South East Coast Ambulance Service regarding their use of the CLIO system as they went live at Christmas. "Feedback was positive from users and they had no major issues (IT or system wise) The use of the system on Ipads worked well and they exampled an instance where SECAmb had an issue at a local hospital, they dispatched a HALO (Hospital Ambulance Liaison Officer) to the hospital who used his Ipad to update CLIO thereby saving at least half a dozen telephone calls and everyone received the same update instantaneously. CLIO was used in SECAMB's operations centre and the Strategic Commanders were really impressed by the Whiteboard facility. This was displayed throughout the Christmas period giving them the opportunity to self-brief and get an overview of what was going on at any moment in time across the organisation. CLIO was also used in a recent Channel Tunnel exercise and again feedback was excellent." Ian Eldridge, Contingency Planning and Resilience Manager/NILO at SECAmb…

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Badger Software collaborates with i2O to extend its suite of smart network solutions

Tuesday 25th September 2018

Badger Software is proud to announce that its CLIO product will power the new event management solution eNet, provided by i2O. eNet enables water companies to manage events that lead to loss of, or disruption to, water supply. It - Ensures that relevant information is easy to access - Keeps everyone up-to-date in every location with every action and decision taken, including the rationale behind them - Enables post-event review to be undertaken efficiently In this way: • Less water is lost/less pollution occurs • Fewer customers are affected and for less time • Fewer penalties are imposed • Less damage occurs to reputation i2O provides a suite of smart network solutions to help water utilities respond to the challenges created by an increasing and urbanising population, more extreme weather events, ageing infrastructure, more demanding customers and constraints on expenditure. More than 100 utilities in over 35 countries around the world have installed i2O solutions since the company was founded in 2005; reducing leaks, bursts, energy and operating costs, extending asset life, improving customer service, and achieving return on investment within 12 months. eNet will in due course be more closely integrated with i2O's suite of smart network solutions: - iNet, the network monitoring and analytics solution, which can identify events - oNet, the advanced pressure management solution, which can enable remote control and automatic optimisation of pressure in the network Rob Brigham, Badger Software's CEO commented "i2O is a global leader in smart network solutions and helps us to penetrate a new market more quickly by ensuring that our product is tailored to the needs of water companies and leverages the power of their existing solutions." Joel Hagan, i2O CEO commented "We are delighted to have found best-in-class software that can help us quickly extend our suite of smart network solutions. Badger has been a delight to work with. Water companies have significant challenges but no more money to deal with them and they need cost-effective ways to identify, diagnose and resolve incidents that affect their ability to supply water to their customers."…

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CLIO V3 supports M/ETHANE and JDM/NDMM

Friday 16th February 2018

The recently-released CLIO V3 supports the principles of the M/ETHANE incident information model and the JDM/NDM decision frameworks, as promoted by JESIP (Joint Emergency Services Interoperability Programme). As illustrated in the accompanying screen-shots, CLIO also enables the use of RAG (Red/Amber/Green) status indicators within these models to enhance their effectiveness and to improve situational awareness. Please contact us for more information on how CLIO can help in the use of these models. Click here for M/ETHANE screenshot Click here for JDM/NDMM screenshot…

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Jean Knowles joins the company as Account Manager

Monday 1st January 2018

Our customer focus and support has always been the pride of everyone at Badger Software. December 2017 saw the latest addition to the team, with Jean Knowles joining as a dedicated Account Manager to work closely with our law enforcement customers. The role will primarily be to liaise on a regular basis with users and contacts within police and other law enforcement customers via telephone and email and to undertake visits to customers on site as required. Jean is a retired Sergeant having joined West Midlands Police as a police cadet, in 1980. She has an extensive operational background gained across a whole range of operational policing roles and as a Control Room Sergeant. She also has experience of working in a training role. Following retirement she became a Force Control Room Operator for Staffordshire Police in 2014. Jean was a trained CLIO user and having enjoyed the value of the product, she decided to apply for Badger's vacancy for an Account Manager to the police service. Jean is married, with a grown up child and lives in Staffordshire. Her interests over the years have included mountaineering, climbing, paragliding, kayaking, cycling and renovating a property. Jean is very enthusiastic and really looking forward to meeting and liaising with Badger customers in the police service, to ensure they get the most benefit from CLIO by providing help advice and support and to encourage the sharing of best practice. Jean will be contacting all of our police customers in the coming weeks. We welcome Jean on-board and look forward to the exciting future her appointment promises for us and for our customers.…

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England and Wales Cricket Board acquires CLIO for ICC Champions Trophy

Monday 10th April 2017

The England and Wales Cricket Board have acquired CLIO to assist them in managing the safety of spectators at future international cricket matches and tournaments. Jill McCracken, the Tournament Safety and Security Director said: "Initially, we will use CLIO to help us to coordinate activity and manage the security issues around the 2017 ICC Champions Trophy, which is a One Day International tournament to be held at various venues in England and Wales between 1 and 18 June 2017. CLIO will then become a legacy system to help us safeguard the public when they attend future matches and competitions."…

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Badger Software wins at the Softech International Software & Cloud Services Awards

Monday 27th March 2017

Badger Software, a growing leader in Critital Incident Management Software in both the public and private sectors, is proud to announce that it has won Best Critical Incident Software Company - UK in the International Software & Cloud Services Awards 2017, hosted by SOFTECH Intl. In recent years, the software and cloud industry has increasingly become an essential aspect to modern life. Across the globe, individuals and firms are at the forefront of the newest technology advances, and these awards look to those whose devotion, inventive ways, fundamentally have been the driving force of this industries success. As such, the 2017 International Software & Cloud Services Awards recognise the integral service provided by those behind the scenes who are changing the game with their innovative thinking, dedication and exceptional work ethic. These awards are based entirely on merit and aim to pay homage to those in the industry and reward them for their outstanding accomplishments. "We are delighted to win this award, and to be recognised and endorsed by our customers and partners to the extent that the nominated and voted for us" said Rob Brigham, Managing Director of Badger Software. "Together, we have helped to improve safety and security for commercial organisations and for the general public by empowering those organisations to manage crises and critical incidents more quickly and more effectively than ever before. But there is still much work to do, and while this award provides an independant endorsement of our combined achievements, it also drives us to do even more in the future." Badger Software won the award as part of a process that gathered votes from a network of respected industry partners and Softech's own rigorous in-house research.…

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Wessex Water acquires CLIO Incident Management System

Wednesday 1st March 2017

As part of our expansion into the utilities sector, Wessex Water is the latest organisation to acquire the CLIO Incident Management System which will assist them in managing incidents involving any potential disruptions to the water supply and sewerage services to its customers. Responding to critical incidents and maintaining Business Continuity is a core requirement for Electricity, Gas and Water Utilities. Being able to launch a planned, co-ordinated and managed response to any incident is key to preventing a full blown crisis, ensuring both business and customers face minimal disruption and for protecting the company reputation. CLIO incident and crisis management software provides a platform that allows you to Plan, Protect and Respond to incidents and threats of all kinds. For more information, contact us or see our utilities page.…

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Decision Making Module in CLIO

Wednesday 4th January 2017

Badger has been working with stakeholders from the Emergency Services to develop a module for managing the doctrines around the Joint Decision Model and METHANE principles, in line with guidelines from JESIP and to support the Police National Decision Model. This has unlocked some new areas of functionality that are proving to be very exciting for organising information in the system against various categorisations and to provide even more powerful situational awareness features. These enhancements will be included in the upcoming Version 3, due for release shortly.…

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New Disclosure module in CLIO

Thursday 15th December 2016

In consultation with a national working party from the UK Police Forces, we have designed, developed and are now rolling out a disclosure module within the CLIO system for handling multiple prosecution packages from a single CLIO incident and co-ordinating the process between case officers, disclosure officers and CPS/Courts. The module not only handles the process of reviewing and managing all of the material in CLIO and the related disclosure schedules but also provides a single repository for other disclosure related information produced by the Police, CPS or defence - so that all of this information can be centralised and a comprehensive resource compiled. Several Police Forces have been trialling the disclosure module and it is now available for all - if you are a current customer and don't already have it, contact us to ask for the upgrade which will add the disclosure features to all of your existing CLIO operations, as well as any new ones.…

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CLIO Version 2.4 Upgrade now available

Tuesday 1st September 2015

We are pleased to announce that the new release of CLIO, version 2.4 , is now available for general release to all customers under support contracts. This upgrade includes many new features and enhancements and these are detailed in Release Notes now available to all qualifying customers. The changes to the system reflect what the user community has asked us to provide and there are some very useful additions, across many areas of business, including a dramatically enhanced module for live Situation Reports & Surveillance, much quicker startup of Operations, more powerful use of templated action lists and much more. There will be a briefing and demonstration of the new release at the 2014 CLIO User Group conference. Please contact us for further information.…

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