Working with Expert Consultants from industry

Badger Software is proud to work with experts from the Business Continuity, Risk Management, and Critical Incident Response world.

We operate an incentive scheme for any such consultants acting as Agents that provide sales leads for our systems or services.

Many risk consultants or responders are providing their services to customers that would benefit from better management systems, particularly when dealing with critical incidents.

You have the expertise from years of experience and will have seen, first hand, the ensuing problems with communication and co-ordination that Crisis Management Teams may face. Whether it be problems liaising with external parties such as yourselves, insurers or police agencies, or difficulties keeping the management team up to speed and in-touch with the incident or problems around informed decision making and recording - you know the problems and we know you will see the benefits of the solutions we provide.

If you can help put us in touch with the right people in organisations you work with, then all parties can benefit - the customer benefits from better management and control, we benefit from a new customer and you can benefit too.

Not just through the kudos of having helped the customer, you know the organisations well enough to help them fit our systems around their procedures and enhance and develop their plans.

We also offer a reward scheme with incentives for referrals - please contact us for more information.