About Us

Taking not only the best people from the IT industry, but experienced practitioners from the law enforcement, security and business continuity sectors - Badger has established itself as a market leader, with specific areas of expertise in critical incident and crisis management.

The company does not try to be 'all things to all men'. We specialise in our chosen areas and have a well-deserved reputation for our ability to deliver what the customer wants on time and in budget.

Although Badger Software was incorporated in the summer of 1994, its principals still work with customers from as early as 1981. We pride ourselves on the fact that customers keep coming back, and see it as a sign that we are doing something right! Only by putting the customer first and repeatedly delivering what we promise, can we fulfill our goals.

Personal Service
We believe that even the World's largest enterprises need personalised attention when it comes to mission critical systems. Not only is our team there to help with our customers' ongoing needs, but we also listen to their needs for the future. Some of our most valuable product suggestions come from the daily interaction between our team and our clients.

Improvement through technology
We always strive to improve and make the best of new technologies and the ongoing exchange of ideas with our marketplace is what ensures we remain at the leading edge.

Badger Software Ltd is proud to have been a Microsoft Certified Partner for many years, having achieved competencies in both custom application development and ISV/Software solutions. This accreditation was an endorsement of the quality of the solutions we have provided to our clients, and to our own technical expertise. It gave us in-depth access to technical and support services within Microsoft, and early exposure to new technologies and products - a key benefit to our clients.

Understanding IT and the business world
We pride ourselves in developing a complete understanding of our clients' business requirements. Creating bespoke computer systems whose appearance and operation are designed to match the client's exact requirements is as much an art as a science. This calls for an understanding of business needs and priorities, close co-operation, and indeed friendship between the supplier and client, as well as a high level of technical expertise.

The end result is software which "just works" - on time and in budget.