Welcome to Badger Software

Badger Software is the UK's leading supplier of systems for dealing with Critical Incidents and Crimes in Action. We have been providing solutions to UK and International Law Enforcement as well as the Commercial Sector for three decades, with a well-deserved reputation for our skills, knowledge and for delivering user friendly systems on time and in budget.

Our client list includes manufacturing and retail businesses as well as police forces and government departments dealing in Law Enforcement, Immigration and Customs and Excise. The experience we have gained from dealing in these demanding areas is exactly what is required to provide successful implementation of real-time incident management systems that are delivered on time and within budget.

CLIO Manager - for managing spontaneous incidents and civil emergencies as well as covert operations, was jointly developed with the UK police and emergency services. It is also used by commercial organisations to manage issues affecting business continuity such as threats to staff, property and daily business.

CLIO Planner - allows you to plan for precisely the type of event where CLIO Manager would be useful. From mapping out your business and recording risks, Business Impact Analysis and then creating, reviewing and storing plans to mitigate these risks. It also records tests and real activations of those plans, along with debrief notes and revisions to the plan based on lessons learned.

Whilst both CLIO products work independently, the power of having both is that all of your response plans can be activated instantly in CLIO Manager and the team are quickly told what they should be doing and given the information to help them do that. No longer will plans be something that gets forgotten while the team wait for someone to tell them what to do!